Veg Booster



The addition of only 20 grams of Veg Booster into a 200 litre water tank during the early growth stage enables young soil based cuttings or seedlings to better expand branches, allowing for fuller growth in the later flowering stages. It’s the smallest soil vegetative booster ever developed and fits easily in your pocket on those long bush hikes to your place of tranquillity. Developed for stabilisation and floral production in both soil and hydroponic applications, Veg Booster may also be used in soilless growing mediums. Veg Booster is a specific type of pH buffer salt and is compatible with all quality nutrients.

Use: Apply once at the beginning of a plant’s vegetative cycle when the seedling/cuttings have established and recovered from any transplant shock.

Collections: Nutrients

Category: GrowHard, hydroponics, nutrients, rambridge, soil

Type: Nutrients

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